Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review...

With 2012 upon us and the world ever-changing (hopefully more for the better), I have a few things I need to ask:

1. Are you lost in your ways and looking for work, a partner, new style, etc.?
2. Are you stuck in your 2005 wardrobe...jerseys and tilted hat?
3. Are you looking for poorly manufactured, retro-Jordans available at the mall that anyone, including your little sister and grandma, can get??
4. Still wearing over-sized New Era fitteds with your pants hanging past your underwear?
5. Want to stand out and not be a clone in the crowd?

Should I keep going, because I think you get my point...

It is about style, comfort, versatility, originality and buying products that make a difference and don't need HYPE to sell! ATEAM has ALWAYS been true to our values and will continue to do so next year launching our own brand which gives back and makes sense to consumers who lead, not follow. It has been a great 2011 in regards to sales numbers BUT, it has been an awful year watching people trying desperately to look cool and stuck in their old-hip-hop days. In case you haven't noticed, those hip-hop fashion icons are not rocking the aforementioned looks, they are dressed UP, more sophisticated and definitely wearing a nice pair of shoes, not something they could play streetball in! They stand UP and stand out, exactly what we strive for.
A LOT...I mean A LOT of changes for 2012 as we are going to revolutionize the things we do and how we do them. We are excited for change, never nervous about the future, just cutting our own paths and blazing trails for others to trek with us!

Peace, LOVE, Health, Happiness, USA and to a brilliant 2012!!!


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