Thursday, May 9, 2013

A few thoughts on the Footwear Industry

I feel I need to share my insight on a more regular basis as things are changing at light speed these days.  The cycle of products coming back is happening more frequently and staying around longer.  Who would have thought the Vans and Converse craze with canvas uppers on vulc soles would still be trending?!?  As I mature, comfort beats 'cool' but wearing a running shoe with jeans, a la the "Jerry Seinfeld" look still doesn't float my boat.  IMO, performance footwear belongs in an active space.  I love some of the functional running shoes from product minded companies like Newton, Asics and New Balance but for style, those go best with shorts or warmups as opposed to denim.  The skate shoe companies are stuck wanting to compete with the Nike Free products but no one has successfully been able to manufacture a shoe close to the aforementioned.  Supra did a good job with the 'Owen' but it wasn't a 'running' shoe, more of a silhouette that didn't break the kids from buying and wearing 'Frees'.  There is an opening, just a matter of who is going to spend time with R&D to make a shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, flexible, durable and you can skate in it.  We'll see who nails it...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lakai or DC...just saying.  My preference right now is the combo shoe companies with heritage and serious throw back like PF Flyers, Hummel or even Volley (from Australia).  Keep your eye on Pro-Keds, Seavees and some of the newbies like A.N.I. (As Nature Intended).  Back with more soon...stay grounded!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moving Forward

Over the past few months as things have changed directionally with my past business, the one common desire that still yearns within is the opportunity to give back and help others.  Money, or having too much money, is not the driving force behind my work ethic everyday. Family, friends, opportunities, exploration, caring, sharing and time...those are some of the things that drive me everyday. Life goes fast and change comes when you least expect it. I admire those who can adapt on the fly and make things happen. I am going to post thoughts a lot more this year and onward. Whether it be the project I am leading now or something that triggered my mind, I am going to use my voice and be heard. Tonight I am inspired about many stories I will share in a positive and forward-thinking point of view. Cheers to the future and a better tomorrow!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Shop is Gone...for now

Through the years, ATEAM has brought me and my family, friends, employees and customers incredible joy!  I met many great people and have incredible stories to tell.  The product evolution over the past seven years and the direction we took the shop was interesting to say the least.  A new venture and opportunities to expand lead me to leave the space with intent to develop the business in a smarter, more sophisticated manner.  Stay tuned as this is just a chapter of the journey!  Coming Soon...

Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review...

With 2012 upon us and the world ever-changing (hopefully more for the better), I have a few things I need to ask:

1. Are you lost in your ways and looking for work, a partner, new style, etc.?
2. Are you stuck in your 2005 wardrobe...jerseys and tilted hat?
3. Are you looking for poorly manufactured, retro-Jordans available at the mall that anyone, including your little sister and grandma, can get??
4. Still wearing over-sized New Era fitteds with your pants hanging past your underwear?
5. Want to stand out and not be a clone in the crowd?

Should I keep going, because I think you get my point...

It is about style, comfort, versatility, originality and buying products that make a difference and don't need HYPE to sell! ATEAM has ALWAYS been true to our values and will continue to do so next year launching our own brand which gives back and makes sense to consumers who lead, not follow. It has been a great 2011 in regards to sales numbers BUT, it has been an awful year watching people trying desperately to look cool and stuck in their old-hip-hop days. In case you haven't noticed, those hip-hop fashion icons are not rocking the aforementioned looks, they are dressed UP, more sophisticated and definitely wearing a nice pair of shoes, not something they could play streetball in! They stand UP and stand out, exactly what we strive for.
A LOT...I mean A LOT of changes for 2012 as we are going to revolutionize the things we do and how we do them. We are excited for change, never nervous about the future, just cutting our own paths and blazing trails for others to trek with us!

Peace, LOVE, Health, Happiness, USA and to a brilliant 2012!!!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The NEW Dunks!

It has been a while since I have seen ANYONE wearing a fresh pair of Dunks which leads me to believe the sneaker aficionado has moved on...rightly so.  All those crazy collaborations and lame attempts at being cool have finally broken through to the mainstream and the only people wearing them are kids or doods who found them off-price, probably at Ross or Marshall's.  Not hating, just saying it how it is!  With that said, in my eyes, the NEW Dunks are the Supra Vaider Lows (see two below).  Such a great fitting shoe, excellent support and an ACTUAL shoe designed for skating with technology supported by R&D.  The new Holiday packs from Supra, are straight clean and classic.  I am excited to see some color coming back to the shelves as 2011 has been very conservative from our suppliers.  Obviously we have these in the the shop but I am not trying to 'make a buck' just blogging about how I feel and what I see.  Peaces Ninjas!!

Supra Vaider Low - Grey/Neon

Supra Vaider Low - Black/Red

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Grown Man Shoes

This is my newest reference in regards to shoes we carry...'Grown Man Shoes'. This comment may not make sense to some but the majority of our consumers don't want the same shoes as a 10 year old boy. A Grown Man Shoe is something we wear to work and can play in as well. A dressy sneaker with style and substance. You can close a mega-deal then wear the same shoes to the ball-game or mixer after work. Brands fitting into this class...Atelier's Arthur, Clae and Pointer...some of my Fave's right now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Defy Magazine

Peep out this article about ATEAM in Defy Magazine, It is the Tito Ortiz cover for those going to Barnes & Noble.