Friday, July 1, 2011

One of the newer brands to ATEAM we have been building awareness and selling is HABITAT. Coming from the skate world, I am always looking for the return or new product offering from some of my favorite companies. For those who don't know, HABITAT is the sister (or brother) company to ALIEN WORKSHOP. Their creative genius internally continues to drop great design and concepts through their offerings. These shoes, the Ibex and Charter, are from a collection called 'Capture & Create'. The shoes are designed with materials and inspiration from old 35mm cameras (which used actual film). The black leather, tan patches and laces coupled with the silver accents truly feel like the original camera I grew up with. The insole have illustrations of the cameras and the BEST part to this package is this was derived from the past HABITAT skateboard tour where the team used these cameras and shot on film (no digital imagery) for all the ads and company imaging. Truly amazing, artistic, creative and original...what I love about most skate companies. There is one more shoe in the collection coming next month...stay tuned!

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