Thursday, May 9, 2013

A few thoughts on the Footwear Industry

I feel I need to share my insight on a more regular basis as things are changing at light speed these days.  The cycle of products coming back is happening more frequently and staying around longer.  Who would have thought the Vans and Converse craze with canvas uppers on vulc soles would still be trending?!?  As I mature, comfort beats 'cool' but wearing a running shoe with jeans, a la the "Jerry Seinfeld" look still doesn't float my boat.  IMO, performance footwear belongs in an active space.  I love some of the functional running shoes from product minded companies like Newton, Asics and New Balance but for style, those go best with shorts or warmups as opposed to denim.  The skate shoe companies are stuck wanting to compete with the Nike Free products but no one has successfully been able to manufacture a shoe close to the aforementioned.  Supra did a good job with the 'Owen' but it wasn't a 'running' shoe, more of a silhouette that didn't break the kids from buying and wearing 'Frees'.  There is an opening, just a matter of who is going to spend time with R&D to make a shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, flexible, durable and you can skate in it.  We'll see who nails it...I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Lakai or DC...just saying.  My preference right now is the combo shoe companies with heritage and serious throw back like PF Flyers, Hummel or even Volley (from Australia).  Keep your eye on Pro-Keds, Seavees and some of the newbies like A.N.I. (As Nature Intended).  Back with more soon...stay grounded!


  1. As I have mentioned previously, the less costs involved in running a shoe shopping , the cheaper the product.

  2. Yo Adrian!
    This is Brian Seaton, I hope all is well man. I didnt realize that you shutdown the shop.
    Best of luck to you in regards to whatever you're working on now and I hope your family is doing well!
    Shoot me an email or give me a call when you get a chance.